Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Renting

Hard drive mining is an alternative to CPU & GPU mining that uses a lot less power. Although, renting out your extra Disk Space isn’t exactly mining, many still view it as such. Mining is when computers do calculations or process the blockchain which rewards the owner with coins while renting out some extra room on your Hard Drive will also reward you with crypto-currency as a form of payment. While you can only earn so much renting out an average computers’ Hard Drive, it’s still an alternative to traditional mining.

Three coins that can be earned from are:

Burst – uses PoC (Proof of capacity) which similar to PoS (holding coins is a wallet and you’re rewarded for maintaining the network)

Sia – provides an array of hard drives for cloud storage, rented out by users. Some collateral is required during setup. This is the least profitable of the three mentioned.

Storj – Similar to Sia, but the coin is worth more making it a much stronger network.

No collateral required, you get paid based on how much uptime your computer operates.